Want to buy
a window?

Replacing windows is never going to be cheap, whichever type of window you have fitted in place of old ones. However there are a number of significant factors which will have an effect on the overall cost. It is important to get your budgeting right as nothing looks worse on a house than a mixture of different window types.

The effects on the cost of windows can be split up into 4 separate sections:

Frame construction

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • uPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Steel

Type of glass

  • Single glazed
  • Double glazed
  • Triple glazed
  • Toughened
  • Security
  • UV reflective
  • Self-cleaning


  • Major national manufacturer
  • Major local manufacturer
  • Small local manufacturer
  • Local artisan/joiner


  • Cash from savings
  • 5 year bank loan
  • Remortgaging of home
  • Payment plan from supplier

Believe it or not, but with the list of options available to you above, that provides you with 3,000 different options, all of which will give you a different price for your windows. So how can you help yourself narrow down the choice?

Well to start with, having a budget in mind is the best place to start. Decide either on how much you want to spend of your savings, or how much you can afford to pay on a loan, either from the bank or through instalments to the manufacturer. From there you can then establish what that amount of money will buy you.

You then have to work out your own personal preferences and what you think will look best with your property. If you hate white uPVC window frames, and your house would not look any better having this type of window fitted, then this is not the window for you. Coloured plastic frames may be more expensive, but if they make you appreciate them more, then they still represent better value in the long run.