Want to buy
a window?

The answer to this question will depend on exactly what you want the window for. As an example, a single pane standard glazed window will not be as effective a window for a bank as a double security glass glazed unit. Similarly you won’t want security glass with a ripple finish and metal mesh as the picture window in your dream house overlooking the sea. For residential windows, there are a number of types which are better than others, which include:

  • Hardwood framed double glazed windows. These are probably the ultimate window for looks and efficiency. Nothing beats the natural warm appearance of wood, and when you add the sound and thermal insulating properties of double glazing, you have the recipe for a perfect window. Joinery techniques are such that you can have a hardwood frame in any style, size or shape, and you can even have a curved window for a bay window, with curved double glazing too!
  • uPVc double glazing would be the next type of window in the list of top windows. Here we are referring to a quality make of window, not one from a cheap discount warehouse. The top-of-the-range uPVC double glazed windows come in a variety of solid, fade-resistant colours that can transform the look of a property and add so much more character to it. Add quality mechanisms and ironmongery, and for a modern window, there is little to beat it.
  • Stained glass leaded light windows. Now you might be wondering why these windows are on the list. Well windows aren’t just for looking out of, they are for adding character and at times, colour too. Many times it would be nice to have a front door that lets some light into a dark hallway, but you don’t want passers-by to be able to see in. Here the best solution is a stained glass window, one which will provide that extra bit of character and individuality to your home.

The answer to which is the best window is: ‘The one that suits your needs the best’. It is that simple!